July 20, 2018

Reference Project

Who are we?

Strato Innovations, member of rain RFID, is a leading German-Thai multicultural engineering company. We offers customized mobile and cloud based software solutions incorporating RFID technology.

What we do?

We are a group of broad engineering and talent IT engineers having many years of experiences in developing the mechanics, embedded electronics, RF products, microwave devices, electromagnetic engineering and software IT solutions to overcome complex engineering tasks for our customers.

Our reference

RFID can bus solution for truck engine air filter

This application RFID reader is integrated into the engine parts and connect to the truck ECM by CAN bus. The information is exchanged between truck ECM and reader which is reading amount of dust accumulate on the filter and the ECM decides wheb it should be replaced. The solution provided to customer both hardware and software.


Web application for wild life gaming, South Africa

Game Farmer a complete management solution package. The combination of electronic IDs, handheld reader and Game Management Software make data capturing very easy.

Asendle is a web based application support multi platform independent of operation system. It supports data exchange with handheld RFID reader. Relevant data can be captures electronically in field and uploaded into Asendle. This function will eliminate mistakes that happen during traditional data capturing methods with pen and paper


NFC mobile application for retail, France

Consumer brand protection system by use NFC or RFID tag direct interact and unique connection between product, brand and consumer.


RFID solution for moisture sensor in diaper, USA


The issue of this project is come from Nursing home. Almost elderly people cannot help themselves as go to toilet. So they need to wear diaper for help this problem. How can we know when the diapers were full. This project is a solution for the problem. Just applied sensor tag to diaper and use this application and Link-it for track which diaper is fully wet.